Boost Your Curb Appeal with these Quick Tricks!

We all know that first impressions do in fact matter. This is especially true when selling a home. The curb appeal of your home can help create an instant emotional connection for a prospective buyer. Plus, this might be especially true as buyers are being more hesitant to set up interior tours and instead doing a series of drive-bys before narrowing down their list! Take a look at these tips to make sure your home looks irresistible from the outside!

  1. Keep the yard green and clean! While this may seem obvious, it is easy to overlook those weeds in the front flower bed or opt for light watering practices as we try to conserve water for the summer. While your eco-friendliness may be applauded, to a prospective buyer it could appear that the grass is diseased or your irrigation system isn’t working. If conservation is truly your goal, consider xeroscaping and planting more drought-resistant plants and removing grass.
  2. Break out the pressure washer. No, you don’t your concrete to be sparkling, but getting rid of pollen stains and weeds that may pop up through pavers is very important. Taking pride in the appearance your driveway will make a buyer feel comfortable that you have taken care of the interior just as much, if not more!
  3. Check on your outdoor lighting. Even though we are part of the dark skies preserve, you will want someone to feel safe and comfortable around your home after sunset. Whether you are doing this to sell or just want your UPS delivery person to have a clear path to your front door, outdoor lighting is key. We typically suggest that you opt for some warm tones in your exterior lighting to create a warm glow.
  4. Touch up your doors. Your front door and garage door probably see a lot of use. Therefore, it is common for paint to wear, peal and chip a little quicker than the rest of your house. Take this time to touch up any issues and even consider adding a pop of color to your front door.
  5. Look at Your Accents. There is no doubt there are parts of your home that you just don’t see anymore. Door mats, mailboxes, even your house numbers. Take a look at anything that might feel tired, overgrown, or just out of place. Some inexpensive flowers can add a pop of color while new house numbers can make it easy for a prospective buyer to find your home.

If you are considering selling this year, give us a call. Whether your home is located in Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum or Sun Valley we have years of experience and can help provide insight in pricing as well as any quick curb appeal updates that might add significant value.

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