Creating the Feel of Cathedral Ceilings

We all may desire expansive cathedral ceilings, especially in our living spaces. However, that isn’t always in everyone’s budget.  Luckily, there are a few design tricks to make lower ceilings feel much roomier. While some may call it smoke and mirrors, it is really just a little paint and lighting that can do the trick!

  1. Skip Ceiling Moldings – Some people may think that drawing the eye up could elongate your walls. However, ceiling moldings blend the wall into the ceiling creating a more crowded look. Instead, opt for taller baseboards. A taller baseboard draws the eye upwards creating the illusion of taller ceilings.
  2. Consider a High Gloss Paint – A shiny ceiling will help bounce the light around the room making the entire room feel larger.
  3. Ditch the Track Lighting – track lighting, or similar fixtures that hang down from the low ceiling will make the room feel even tighter. Instead opt for something more low profile or flush mounted to the ceiling.
  4. Extend Cabinets to the Ceiling – while it may seem counterintuitive, extending cabinets from floor to ceiling will create one long line that will make the room feel taller.  
  5. Expose Pipes & Beams – Drop ceiling are very common in basements as they are a quick way to cover up beams and cords and pipes. However, purposefully exposing these elements can not only create a modern look but can also give you a little extra head room. When exposing pipes and beams, decide on a color palette and try to paint everything in one shade. A dark shade camouflages everything best.

When in doubt, try to keep things bright. White and lighter colors are the best way to make smaller rooms and lower ceilings feel larger. Not only does this apply to paint colors but also furnishings. If you opt for darker furnishings try to find bookcases that will extend from floor to ceiling or streamlined and sleek furniture.

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