Home Trends for the Future

As we all shelter in place, we are starting to notice the little things about our homes. Some of these little things are hidden gems we previously took for granted, while others have morphed into little annoyances that we never quite realized before.

With a major focus being on staying indoors, many of us are taking the time to identify what we love and maybe what we don’t love about our houses.

Earlier this month, REALTOR.com surveyed 1,300 homeowners and renters to discover just what was and wasn’t working for people as they shelter in place.

Not surprisingly, the number 1 quality most valued by those surveyed was overall neighborhood feel. Having a quiet neighborhood with outdoor space available has been key to the sanity of many homeowners. Pair that with ease of access to grocery stores and pharmacies and you might be a little more comfortable that others.

Americans are really starting to get to know their homes and neighborhoods and discovering what may and may not work for them in the long run. In addition to the neighborhood and outdoor space, the second biggest perk is having an updated kitchen. Since many of us are cooking way more meals at home than we are used to, having the space and tools to do so is a huge benefit.

Tied for third place, natural light and flex space provide huge benefits. A flex space is perfect for crafting, gaming, exercise or maybe just a true home-office set up. Whether you are trying to home school your kids or just need to stay up to date on what’s happening in the office…even when you aren’t in the office, a dedicated space can be key to productivity.

The biggest issue with most homeowners and renters these days is just a lack of space. So many people are desiring extra square footage in order to spread out a little more or create a space that works for a home office or gym. Most popular in metropolitan areas, smaller condos that are great for in-town living can feel a little cramped now that restaurants, offices and gyms are closed.

If you are realizing your current living situation isn’t ideal, give us a call. We can help you find a place that checks all of your boxes!

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