May Showers Bring…Green Grass?

While the weather may be rainy currently, there is no doubt there are many sunny days ahead. Late spring and early summer are the perfect time to give a little TLC to your yard, whether you are thinking of selling or just want to spend some time in your own backyard this summer.

Despite what you may think, younger generations are actually placing more value on a manicured outdoor space than older generations. In fact, a nice sized yard or lawn has even nudged out an updated kitchen in recent surveys.

Here in Sun Valley, outdoor space can be key to creating a home that is perfect for all four seasons. From a covered patio in the winter to lush grass for Fido in the summer, we have a unique opportunity to have it all!

If your outdoor space is in need of a little attention, check out these tips and tricks for a yard that is sure to catch people’s attention!

  1. Modify Your Watering Cycle – In dry climates, it is usually best to provide deep watering to your lawn every few days rather than watering more frequently. A deep water cycle allows your lawn to create deep roots and be more resistant to stress.
  2. Fertilize and Control Weeds – Talk to a local professional about the best way to combat weeds and also fertilize your lawn and plants. Pesky dandelions can not only hurt your lawn, but the spores float easily into your neighbor’s yard and spread quickly! Since we have so many nearby rivers, however, it is important to try to go as natural as possible, so we do not contaminate our beautiful water sources!
  3. Consider Perennial Ground Cover – Ground cover is a great way to get a lush look without all the work. There are tons of options but be sure to choose one that is right for high altitude environments!
  4. Dig Early! – If you have big projects to tackle, starting early in the season may be just the ticket. Wet ground is typically easier to dig and manipulate. Once the ground dries up in June and July it becomes much harder to work with!

Design trends may come and go when it comes to outdoor spaces, but a neat and tidy yard is always here to stay. Don’t let your grass get too long or let your trees grow out of control and you are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the Sun Valley area this spring or summer, but your yard feels not up to par, give us a call! We can help prioritize your to-do list and make sure your outdoor space (and indoor!) is camera ready!

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