More Spring Cleaning – “Summerize” Your Winter Gear

The 85th winter season has come to a close with Sun Valley resort and while you still may be out enjoying some Nordic trails or skinning up the mountain under your own power, there is no doubt we are all looking forward to breaking out the warm weather activities. From biking and hiking to fishing and golfing, there is plenty of fun to be had in the warmer months.

However, before you shove your winter gear into the corner of your garage, some extra care now can save you precious time once the snow starts to fall again in the winter. The first thing we recommend is to just take an inventory of all your gear. Do all your winter socks have mates? Are your any rips or tears in your snow gear? After all, it doesn’t make sense to store something for an extra six months when you will have to repurpose, donate, or throw it away before the season starts.

Next, we recommend checking out our skis or snowboards for any nicks, chips, or scrapes from some spring laps. After mitigating any damage, you will want to strip your existing wax off and apply a fresh coat of summer storage wax. You may also want to consider releasing the tension on your bindings to give the springs a much needed rest during the summer months. Just snap a photo of your settings on your phone prior to releasing the tension so you remember how to reset them in the fall!

Finally just give everything a good cleaning. Wash your coats and your base layers now before storing them away. Wipe the dirt and dust from your boots, skis, poles and more to have a sparkling set waiting for you for next winter.

If winter sports aren’t your thing, there still may be a few things around your house that you will want to consider prepping for some less snowy months. If you have a snow blower at your house, it is best to drain the gas and oil do it doesn’t stagnate after months of non-use. If draining these liquids seems daunting, you can always just run your machine until it runs out of gas…that is better than leaving it with a full tank!

Stay tuned for more spring cleaning tips as the weather warms up and our yards start to grow after months of hibernation!