New Year, New Bedroom

Some of us may be looking for a bit of a fresh start in this new year. And while it may seem ambitious to start a full home renovation project, especially considering most of us are still stuck in our homes, some small changes might be just the ticket to feeling refreshed.

Often times, people put off refreshing their bedroom as it is rarely seen by other people. However, nothing can help ease stress quite like a bedroom that makes you go “aaaaahhhh”! We typically recommend a bedroom refresh every couple of years and can be quite simple. Check out these ways to create a fresh outlook in your bedroom in 2021!

1. Start with bedding. You don’t have to go into full renovation mode to feel the effects of something new. If you are anything like us, it is probably time to retire some old bedding a find a new look for the coziest place in the house! Sage green is increasingly popular and adds a modern yet relaxing feel to any room. Plus, this versatile color mixes with modern and rustic accents making it the perfect match for any bed frame or headboard!

2. Consider an accent wall. An accent wall can make a big splash in refreshing the look of your bedroom. Just a simple coat of paint can take a more traditional look to something ultra modern and vice versa. Just keep in mind, if you choose to go more bold, try to keep your linens and decor ultra simple and chic.

3. Upgrade Your Bed Frame. Platform beds were incredibly popular for awhile. However, more traditional bed frames are on their way back in. Opt for something that makes a statement all on its own rather than relying on bedding or a rug to take all the attention. This mid-century canopy bed from West Elm flawlessly blends modern and traditional design for a look that is sophisticated and subtle, while still making a splash.

4. No Need to Splurge. For some of us, the COVID pandemic hasn’t left us with an abundance of disposable income. Keep in mind you don’t have to go all out in order to get a sense of peace from a small refresh. Updated throw pillows or a colorful throw blanket can really make a new statement without breaking the bank. If you have a little more to spend, consider an amazing new area rug to add a little pizzazz to your bedroom style.

If you have been considering other upgrades to your home, let’s chat. We can help with advice to get the most out of your upgrades when it comes time to sell. We can also help guide you as to what buyers are looking for in terms of house aesthetics. Give us a call today to find out how you can elevate the value of your home with just a few small changes.

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