Simple Painting Projects to Tackle Now!

As we all huddle at home, there is no doubt many of us may be taking the time to jumpstart our spring cleaning. However, there is only so much organizing and reorganizing we can all do before we start looking for a new project.

As many of you have probably found, there are most likely some spare buckets of paint tucked away in your garage or a closet. Well, before you ditch that old paint, consider reinvigorating some of your more tired household items for a look that is not only bright and fun for spring, but also breathes some life into your décor!

Punch up that Bookcase

After you have dusted and rearranged your bookcase, it still might not be feeling as vibrant and you would like. Consider a fresh coat of paint in a bold color to really make your book collection stand out. A really modern way to add some color is to just paint the back wall of the shelves or bookcase. This look is completely unexpected and can actually help disguise any clutter as people’s eye will be drawn to the color, not the contents of your shelves!

If picking a color seems daunting, just still with what you have going in your house already. Consider matching your sofa’s throw pillows or maybe some stools that sit at your breakfast bar. Choosing a color that is already in play within your home will keep the look cohesive while still playful.

Make Your Dining Room Daring

For many of us, dining room sets seem to be passed down through generations. These pieces typically feature beautiful details but aging oak or other woods can start to look a little run down throughout the years.

Highlight the beautiful craftsmanship with a bold coat of paint and breathe some life into Grandma’s dining room chairs. In order to ensure a smooth and professional looking finish, however, make sure you spend some time sanding and remember, multiple coats might be a necessity.

Add Some Color Outside

Here in Sun Valley, it is still a little too chilly to start planting our veggie gardens. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get our planters ready! Painting wooded garden boxes is the perfect way to make a statement in your garden, even without plants!

Painting outdoors is a little tougher so if possible, try to bring those boxes into the garage to ensure they are free from dirt.

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